About Sophie Loughe

Sophie graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Bachelors degree in Osteopathy in 2013. Since then she has combined her love for travel with her career and worked in busy clinics overseas, including in Australia, New Zealand and India before settling in Glasgow.

Sophie enjoys treating a wide range of complaints from joint sprains and muscle strains to chronic conditions and disorders in order to provide comfort and relief for her patients. She uses a combination of techniques which may include soft tissue work, joint mobilisations and manipulations. She also has over 8 years experience working as a cranial osteopath, a gentle approach using touch and pressure across the head and body to release physical stress. It is her passion to motivate patients to make healthy life style changes and incorporate the use of at home exercises to create long lasting relief and future injury prevention.

During her stay in India Sophie had an Osteopathic teaching role within a hospital in Goa. This was an invaluable experience, exposing her and her students to rare and complex cases and improving her ability to manage patients within large multidisciplinary teams.

She is also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and enjoys practising this in her spare time.