Why Do Children Need to see an Osteopath?

Parents visit Osteopaths for a range of reasons to support their child’s health. Children, like adults, can be affected by general joint and muscle issues, which is one of the main reasons people visit an Osteopath. Parents will also take their children to visit an Osteopath for a variety of other health reasons which may benefit from osteopathic care. As osteopathic care is based on the individual needs of the patient, it will vary depending on your child’s age and the diagnosis.

Osteopaths generally use a wide range of gentle hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, improving mobility and optimising function. This is often used together with exercise and helpful advice.

Some of our Osteopaths have been trained in very gentle techniques (Cranial Osteopathy) which are particularly suitable to assess and treat very young children, including new-borns.

Cranial Osteopathy is a particular type of gentle, non-manipulative osteopathy involving treatment of the head, although it can include the rest of the body. It can be an effective for treatment of many types of conditions, and for all ages, and is particularly suitable for the treatment of children.

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