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About Us

Asif Allauddin

Asif AllauddinAsif Allauddin has been a practising Registered Osteopath and a member of the General Osteopathic Council since 1994 in Glasgow. Asif is a co-founder of the Natural Health Service since 1997. Asif has also opened the Lenzie Osteopathic Clinic [read more]


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We've treated many people over the years with great results. Here's what some of them had to say about the treatment they received:

"The osteopath was amazing, it was like bits of you were put back in place. I would recommend it to anyone."

Alan Jones, Writer

"I had back pain after having my baby.  First I tried physiotherapy, but there was very little relief, so I decided to see Asif Allauddin at the Lenzie Osteopathic Clinic. Within a few treatments I was completely fine and free from any back pain. I was given exercises after treatment and even now 8 years later I still am free from pain. Remarkable!"

Dawn Campbell, Mother

"After 3 months of suffering elbow pain during weight liting, my mother pushed me to go and see the osteopath. After sucessive stretching and good advice I am now pain free and back to the Gym. He helped me to avoid going to the doctor who advised a Cortisone injection. Thank you Asif."

Paul McMenamin, Manager


"I turned to cranial osteopathy after a long road of trying (and failing) to get my two year old son to sleep through the night - at my first visit he was regularly waking up screaming inconsolably 2-3 times per night. After the first session I could see a difference in his demeanor and noted deeper breathing in his sleep. After three sessions of cranial osteopathy he was more settled in himself and after we did 3 consecutive nights of controlled crying (which I'd tried several times prior to osteopathy) my son slept from 7pm until 6am. Yes he still comes into lighter sleep during the night but now when he wakes he is more relaxed and able to get back to sleep himself. I would recommend this treatment to parents experiencing similar sleep problems it has definitely had a positive impact."

G Scott


"Thanks for time and professional help on Saturday - greatly appreciated. My swift recovery is due to your expertise."

Marc Milne

"Just to let you know after my appointment with you yesterday I had no pains at all and when I woke up this morning I had no pains, so something is working. Thanks again for all your help."

Julie Watson

The Facts - Work

The Facts - WorkOccupational injuries account for many of the 350 million working days a year lost in Britain. Osteopaths treat many conditions relating to the workplace and can give remedial advice and preventative exercise. From conditions caused by bad posture at a desk or resulting from heavy lifting, the osteopath can help

Our Prices

£40 New Patient appointment

Return visits:

£40 for adults per treatment
£35 for concession*/child ‡ per treatment

£40 for Spinal Assessment using a spinal analysis machine, includes photo and explanation of postural issues

*Concession rates are available for patients over 65 and retired or those in full-time education, as well as at the osteopath's discretion.

‡Child rate is available for patients under 16 years of age.

Pre-Payment plans are available for self funding patients, pay for a group of sessions up front & get additional treatments free. Ask at our clinics for further details.

Cancellation Policy

We ask for a minimum of 24hrs notice to cancel or change an appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee of £20 is applicable.  This also applies for those who fail to turn up for a scheduled appointment without prior notice.